Yesterday, as I watched the sound of the flock I saw the music of the cups toasting. We were an exquisite gang that mixed flavors, accompanied cooking and emptied stories, we were like troubadours looking for secrets inside every bottle, behind every bite and around every breath. We did it to the beat of the bits per second that came out of every flying kiss, every complicit smile, and every libertine thought. Everything was intense, you just had to follow the elemental impulses that arose between bare makeup tables and real fillings.

On arrival, a straw hat and a smoky ember greeting him. Beautiful and cheerful, kind faces - immensely beautiful, cheerful and kind. Expressions of surprise, desire and desire for conversation. Expressions of childhood, novels and curiosities, expressions of happy boys and girls. Caresses up close, from afar, from top to bottom and from bottom to top. Quick wifi and bluetooth connections between pre-Pyrenees summer masks.

In the middle, a color bar and a smoky tale of warm blood. Long live the ice cube, long live the cocktail, long live the pots, the flights, the sausages and the truffles. Long live the dishes, the benches and the woods. Live the intention with which you serve me, give me, fill me and put me. Long live the kitchen and the kitchen door is always open. Long live the juice and the transformation. Long live the sun walking through the era and long live the shadow raising shirts. Long live singing and meat and eggs and milk. Live the bread with tomato and the stone. Long live the gutter, the blue and the tender. Long live the thigh, shoulder and arm. Live the air between your legs and behind your ear, the air coming out of your happy lips singing from the stairs. Live your wink, straight and tightrope looks. Live your arm on my thigh and live your shoulder with mine. Long live the sweetness made number. Long live the two and the zero.

Long live the family that sees him give birth, the mountain that he presents, the pink setting, the neighborhood, the friendship and the love. Long live grass, flour and rosemary. Long live the church that provides and sees. Long live the tractor and the rides. Long live the bag and long live the sandal, the bamboo and the trousers, long live the crotch and the entrails. Long live the Pre-Pyrenees, the stove, the oven and the casserole. Long live the Cadinell who frightens away evil.

At the end, a market of kisses warmed by the moon and a smoky farewell to the air! As you walk, a combination of sensations as you turn your neck and lift your nose. Going down to the car a burning, a gesture and a blow to the nape of the neck, a chill and a moan. Friendship in solid state, liquefied, dehydrated, grated, salted and sweetened.

Already in the memory, words stuffed with medicinal sprouts and plastered with ethylic aromas.

Proposals fused with good, daring, crazy and provocative desires.

Yesterday, as I watched the sound of the flock I saw the music of the cups toasting. Yesterday, while you were enjoying yourself, you gave me love -again-. 20 years later and still making love ...

A gift to be with you.

Thank you very much, Ca l’Amador!

Congratulations, Health and for 20 more!

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