The prawn

My mustaches are insolent and delicate,

and no matter how much he hides me underground

as soon as you can go and suck my head.

I like to swim on the Coast and much better if this is Brava,

I have friends, sharing paella, with the hardest and most torn skin,

the calm mussel, the battleship crayfish and the cuttlefish.

Always with a white vine nearby,

when I can I try to be Messi and dodge the nets,

but sometimes I can't and I'm on a plate,

accompanying an octopus whose march is over.

Truly, nowhere is it like the sea,

no plates, no pots, no plates, no pots,

that you think so ?, that you tie!

if you don't believe me ask a squid.

But neither Clara nor Esteve are among the holy spirits of the Lower Empordà

and irreverent verses dignify me,

she likes wines and he likes poetry,

bad mix if we have the police nearby,

innocent poor people who don’t know where to go.

But as my friend Charlie used to say,

ai ai caramba !!

You will always have my faithful friendship,

Because I am also from Palamós,

Yes, me, THE PRAWN!

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